Curtis P. Kraushaar

CV & ASSOCIATES, LLC was founded by Curtis P. Kraushaar in 2009 to meet the design project needs of clients in the Western U.S., with focus in the Tucson, AZ region communities.

He brings over 40 years’ experience in construction, development and project management for such renowned international corporations such as Marriott , Office Depot, McDonalds, Carl’s Jr., Panda Restaurant Group, plus major Phoenix firms such as Caliente Construction.   In total, he believes he has managed over 1000 construction and redesign projects!

Curtis began his working life in law enforcement in Colorado, and after a few years joined his father in his commercial construction firm.   Later, as an entrepreneur, Curtis has owned several businesses, including dealerships for pre-fab and sustainable building materials, as well as real estate appraisal and project management as CV & Associates.

Curtis has also stayed active in public service.  Due to his appointments in local City Planning & Zoning commissions and Boards of Adjustment, he  brings trusted and expert insight to anything property-related in this region.

The “V” in the company name stands for Veronica, Curtis’ wife.  Veronica spent most of her career at major advertising agencies, directing and styling photo shoots or commercials, plus advising clients on how to showcase their brands. She holds a degree from Cornell University.

With her trained “eye” for composition and color, plus strong marketing and customer service background, this partnership is prepared to exceed the expectations of every client.


Last but not least, the “&” in our name stands for CV’s colleagues, suppliers and ground teams: the associates who help make clients’ dreams come true!


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