Spring Forth those Sunny Trends

It’s almost “Pool Time”, a specific Southwest season that means:  get your house looking good for the summer! (Sorry, folks in the Northeast, where it’s still snowing…)

This is also the time we look at some trends that are going strong in the magazines and blogs and adapt them for our special region and lifestyle.   One of our more popular inspirations for a simple Southwest summer style comes from this board, below. with thethe key elements you need:


CVA SW Patio board.jpg

  • Lounge chair with a canopy:  yep, we mean personal lounger canopy vs. group umbrella because, first, it’s your body, and, second, you can easily knock the cover down in a strong gust…without even getting up (read:  don’t spill the Margarita!).  We’re not kidding about gusts come monsoon season (July -Sep).
  • Dining table.  We are lucky to have year-round patio dining, so invest in a set that can be moved around to different areas depending on the amount of sun you want, refreshing dining chair cushions for variety and seasonal comfort.  For versatility and long wear in our brutal sun, not to mention the right “regionality”, there is nothing like wrought iron.
  • Color.  We like to express our Mexican influence with bright pillows, pool towels, plus pots with fresh flowers and even the ubiquitous copper sun and cactus decor.
  • Chiminea.  “But it’s summer!”  say those nice folks from the Northeast.  Spring and summer nights can be quite chilly here, especially in the southern part of AZ.  There is something wonderfully cozy about sitting in front of a fire after sunset with a blanket over your bathing suit.

“Pool” (ha!) it all together and enjoy the warm weather!

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