Barn Doors Galore (and how to use them)

It’s almost ubiquitous in the shelter magazines these days.  Whether the house is in the country (where they are a natural, of course), the beach, or even in the city, seems like you are always seeing barn doors.  It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away soon.

Although some pundits say the trend is already “over”, we’re not seeing that ourselves, especially not here in the Southwest where ranches and barn doors go together like pie and ice cream.  Homeowners often ask ask how to incorporate them in their homes,  so we’re opening up some ideas.

CVA Beachy

The first is an unusual application:  a beach get-away in Mexico.  In a modest stucco Spanish Colonial with narrow entries, these barn doors elevate the ceiling, helping to make the entire room seem larger.

We also gave them a real statement look by selecting an aqua shade that spells the sea.  By adding Pantone’s “Color of The Year” (shades of purple) as accents, and then furnishing with (gasp!) Louis XV-style refurbished pieces, this space went from just plain ol’ beachy to pretty peachy. (Doors as seen in HOUZZ and other fine sellers).

cva-hacienda-lr-entry.pngHere’s another use of a custom barn door in a more typical setting:  a Spanish Hacienda-style home. We used contemporary decor to make the traditional-style door “pop”.

The door does double duty by reducing the bowling-alley effect of a too-long space beyond  (see our previous post), essentially stopping guests in their tracks (no pun intended) and giving them a peek into the next room.

Barn doors are not cheap, but you don’t want something this important to look flimsy.  Go with the best you can buy or have a craftsman make a custom design just for you.

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