We’re feeling blue

HGTV  just announced the new color trends for spring:  over a dozen or so in all.  Yet perhaps our favorite, and one we use often here in the Southwest, is blue.


But not any old blue will do.  The strong light and deep sky here almost demand we ramp up the hue.

Saturated colors like turquoise rule, as does cobalt or azul anil, so beloved in Mexico anpexels-photo-208560d found  often in talavera pottery and even whole-house jobs.

Old or new, there is nothing quite as refreshing as blue with white. It works in traditional settings, like in stock-photo-art-and-craft-pottery-small-business-street-scene-vendor-talavera-c130b2fc-c60e-4455-8e23-40dc6b96470cthis Hacienda-style bedroom we did below (it’s more like periwinkle, but pops against the dark wood screen.)



According to color theorists (yes, they’re a thing): “Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness.”  That’s why it’s perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

Blue is also wonderfully lifting and actually cooling in what could otherwise be a too-stark Modernist room, like in this flat in Rio de Janeiro (below).  We especially love blue with brass or gold accents. (And don’t you love those Jonathan Adler “Brasilia” couch pillows?)

CVA - LR Rio

In short, it’s a color you can hardly miss or mess.  Plus, men love it. That’s why we chose it as accents in the bedroom of a “Gentleman’s Ranch”, below:


We’re even seeing blue used a lot in kitchens not, but personally we’re not fond of this color near food.  If you use it kitchens, be sure to use it on cabinets, not counter tops.

So, if you’re color-shy yet want to get in the game, go blue and you’ll always be true!

(Check out HGTV’s entire spring colors trend preview HERE)



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