Rustica renewed

The rustic style now trending heavily could not be more different than that of our recent post here.  The Marrakesh’s Express’ polar opposite has now pulled into the station, and it promises a rougher ride!

By that we mean that it’s all about rough-hewn, natural and recycled materials in muted colors, plus artful use of branches, mosses, burlap, linen, tin,  hemp and logs for that mountain-man (or woman) vibe.

This vignette below, showcased in the edgy but goody Remodelista site, is actually quite witty.  However, it goes a bit too far for us of a certain age, frankly, unless you’re camping out.  It’s perfect if you’re a young fashionista in San Francisco, though! CVA rusticWe do like the painted branch used as a rod.  We admit we’re partial to using tree branches indoors, and some of our awesome local woods, such as mesquite, can be transformed into beautiful decor, like this piece made by local Bow Tie Woodworks (note the little bow tie on the upper right!)



It just makes sense to use found and free materials, especially when we’re staging a home to sell and need that quick something to fill a corner.  For example, these fuzzy palm fronds create an unexpected pop in a kitchen, and cost exactly zero.

All in all, we like to see a more refined version of of what we term rustica renewed, best expressed in the design pubs as “Modern Farmhouse”.  We are talking less frump, more frontier.

Here in the West, particularly, we like to take the rustic farmhouse style toward rancho, as per this post. This more robust style works well in our terrain.

This kitchen uses a lot of stainless and wood, plus accents such as the island table, baskets and leather chairs to exude a more luxe rustic style

Then there’s this light and very contemporary concept for those shying away from too much rustica:

The turquoise walls match the retro-style fridge to make a simple yet strong country-style statement without going the rustic route.



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