Look down South for up-trends

In the U.S. we don’t typically look South — as in South America — for design trends, but the truth is that countries like Brazil has long held a reputation for innovative architecture and design.  After all, they created Brasilia out of the wild plains!

It’s time we borrowed some of their flair, so thanks to colleagues and family there, trade expos, pubs and Pinterest, here is a small taste of some of the leading edge stuff we’re seeing:


From the Brazilian Furniture Fair (ABIMAD) in Sao Paulo held earlier this year, there was quite a bit of what we call “Kardashian Pink”.  It’s a flesh tone (that Kim wears a lot), and it flatters the sitter by providing a skin glow and neutral background for fashions. We particularly like the tone-on-tone mix in the sectional.
We’re also loving this color in the bath, darkened a bit to an apricot hue and paired beautifully with mint (Casa Vogue)
Again, from the ABIMAD: the hot trend of hand-crafted wood (madeira) which is a tradition in Brazil, home to some of the most beautiful hard and soft woods in the world.  This is also a hot trend available in the U.S., and you may find some fresher designs at Lojas Mirtes, a leading Brazilian source for fine furnishings.
This kitchen with green rustic wood cabinets and a fab fern ceiling says TROPICAL all over! Caipirinha, anyone?? (Claudia)
Terrazzo is having a big moment there as it is here in the U.S..  Although this execution is a bit headache-inducing, it’s an exuberant, durable material that deserves a comeback, especially in climates like the Southwest.
This custom rug by a Brazilian designer may be TOUcan much for us, but there is no doubt where you are! (O Globo)
Brazilians love outdoor living, and are great artisans with sisal (pouf),  rope and other natural materials, like cork (banquette).  Here, the mix of these with plastic and wood makes a very Mod statement (Tidelli).

Interested in more Brazilian style and decor?  We’ve got the info and sources.  Drop us a note.

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