Ramp up the glamp

“Glamping” means glamorous camping, and it’s hotter than ever.  Gone are the days of sleeping on hard ground and roughing it with boring campgear.  Glamping means all the comforts of home right at hand, but with a wild, romantic twist, as shown on left by Country Living.

To all that we say:  why not just glamp at home?  To urbanistas who think roughing it is a Hilton without an ice machine, this is the solution to a hassle-free and stylish (not to mention low-cost) staycation.

In fact, glamping is great for overnight guests.  The whimsical decor keeps them amused and perhaps feeling frisky, yet they typically don’t stay too long (because it is not really a bedroom, you see), which is perfect for all involved…

Here are some ways to ramp up the glamping this summer:

CVA glamping at home
Glamping is not just good in the woods.  Got a big deck off of your seashore home? Pop up this charming “cottage”, round up some planters and a lounge chair, and call for some ice!
This is not technically glamping but it is a cozy spot to sleep in in a tiny room, and that is always romantic (the linen drapes make it so.)
One of the more creative bloggers out there, Emily Henderson, does wonders with Target merchandise.  Here, a bit of glamping inside a warehouse…’cos it’s raining out!
CVA guest room
Here’s a way to add a dollop of glamp to a guest room at the mountain cabin: director’s chairs plus fold-up table. Takes up little space and can all be put away, but makes a great get-away vibe, adding a private breakfast and work space.


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