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We’re feeling blue

HGTV  just announced the new color trends for spring:  over a dozen or so in all.  Yet perhaps our favorite, and one we use often here in the Southwest, is blue. But not any old blue will do.  The strong light and deep sky here almost demand we ramp up the hue. Saturated colors like … Continue reading We’re feeling blue

Barn Doors Galore (and how to use them)

It's almost ubiquitous in the shelter magazines these days.  Whether the house is in the country (where they are a natural, of course), the beach, or even in the city, seems like you are always seeing barn doors.  It's a trend that doesn't seem to be going away soon. Although some pundits say the trend … Continue reading Barn Doors Galore (and how to use them)

4 Spaces that Boost Creativity

High-tech, advertising and design firms naturally gravitate to "creative" spaces, such as warehouses, historical homes, even underground bunkers. That makes sense not only for the required "outside-the-box" vibe, but also because typically these spaces provide the space flexibility and versatility these businesses need. The ability to modify the workspace via privacy partitions and yet keep … Continue reading 4 Spaces that Boost Creativity

The Long Room: the short of it

One of the frequent challenges we encounter in homes is the bowling-alley living room that often looks like this: Typically designed to provide views and lots of natural light (thus a wall with windows you can't do anything with) these long spaces present a puzzle, especially when there is one strong focal feature, such as … Continue reading The Long Room: the short of it

Rancho Not-So-Rugged

When you think of a ranch in Arizona, perhaps you envision this: This is fine and good if you're thinking modest rugged fantasies.  Fact is, many of us can't afford even this... But why not dream BIG?  Why not 5,000 square feet of big?  That's the average size of several properties in our region that … Continue reading Rancho Not-So-Rugged

Spring Forth those Sunny Trends

It's almost "Pool Time", a specific Southwest season that means:  get your house looking good for the summer! (Sorry, folks in the Northeast, where it's still snowing...) This is also the time we look at some trends that are going strong in the magazines and blogs and adapt them for our special region and lifestyle.   … Continue reading Spring Forth those Sunny Trends