Now that folks are traveling in droves again, business for our clients who own vacation rentals is booming. Not that it was ever dead, but there was a drop immediately after COVID hit in 2019 followed by a slow but steady rise. Truth is, vacation rentals have always been a popular mode for travel, ideally … Continue reading BEST VACATION RENTAL DESIGNS & DECOR

Five tips for furniture placement

This week we are going to address one of the most perplexing question for buyers of empty houses or those going for a general interior fresh:  where do we place the funiture to maximize room features? Many homeowners make the mistake of moving everything up against the four walls, which makes for a dull if … Continue reading Five tips for furniture placement

The fine art of layering

One of the easiest yet unheralded tips for successful styling is the concept of layering.  In contrast to clothes, it's not about adding items on top of another (and stripping as the day gets warmer) but of adding and creating what we term vignette volume. Like one of our art-collector friends says:  "One is a … Continue reading The fine art of layering

Keaton’s casa styles

It's like when the big cowboy rides into the dusty, Western town and saves it from the bad actors. Except this is Diane Keaton and she is saving one of Tucson's ancient adobes. News last week that this beloved actress purchased one of the oldest casas (1700s) in the oldest neighborhood in Tucson was hailed … Continue reading Keaton’s casa styles

Small spaces with attitude

Living in a small space today is either a commitment to a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, a budget necessity, or both.  But living large in a small space is what good design is all about. Today we cover a common challenge in our discussions with clients:  how do we downsize but retain our quality of … Continue reading Small spaces with attitude

4 Spaces that Boost Creativity

High-tech, advertising and design firms naturally gravitate to "creative" spaces, such as warehouses, historical homes, even underground bunkers. That makes sense not only for the required "outside-the-box" vibe, but also because typically these spaces provide the space flexibility and versatility these businesses need. The ability to modify the workspace via privacy partitions and yet keep … Continue reading 4 Spaces that Boost Creativity

The Long Room: the short of it

One of the frequent challenges we encounter in homes is the bowling-alley living room that often looks like this: Typically designed to provide views and lots of natural light (thus a wall with windows you can't do anything with) these long spaces present a puzzle, especially when there is one strong focal feature, such as … Continue reading The Long Room: the short of it