Now that folks are traveling in droves again, business for our clients who own vacation rentals is booming. Not that it was ever dead, but there was a drop immediately after COVID hit in 2019 followed by a slow but steady rise. Truth is, vacation rentals have always been a popular mode for travel, ideally … Continue reading BEST VACATION RENTAL DESIGNS & DECOR

Ramp up the glamp

"Glamping" means glamorous camping, and it's hotter than ever.  Gone are the days of sleeping on hard ground and roughing it with boring campgear.  Glamping means all the comforts of home right at hand, but with a wild, romantic twist, as shown on left by Country Living. To all that we say:  why not just … Continue reading Ramp up the glamp

The fine art of layering

One of the easiest yet unheralded tips for successful styling is the concept of layering.  In contrast to clothes, it's not about adding items on top of another (and stripping as the day gets warmer) but of adding and creating what we term vignette volume. Like one of our art-collector friends says:  "One is a … Continue reading The fine art of layering

Look down South for up-trends

In the U.S. we don't typically look South -- as in South America -- for design trends, but the truth is that countries like Brazil has long held a reputation for innovative architecture and design.  After all, they created Brasilia out of the wild plains! It's time we borrowed some of their flair, so thanks … Continue reading Look down South for up-trends

Five stylish get-aways

It's that time of year, when you yearn for your own vacay get-away.  Those lucky enough to have more than one home typically choose a second one that contrasts from their primary one. Having a second location where you can create a fantasy interior style for your family and guests is a great privilege and … Continue reading Five stylish get-aways

Rustica renewed

The rustic style now trending heavily could not be more different than that of our recent post here.  The Marrakesh's Express' polar opposite has now pulled into the station, and it promises a rougher ride! By that we mean that it's all about rough-hewn, natural and recycled materials in muted colors, plus artful use of … Continue reading Rustica renewed