Ramp up the glamp

"Glamping" means glamorous camping, and it's hotter than ever.  Gone are the days of sleeping on hard ground and roughing it with boring campgear.  Glamping means all the comforts of home right at hand, but with a wild, romantic twist, as shown on left by Country Living. To all that we say:  why not just … Continue reading Ramp up the glamp

We’re feeling blue

HGTV  just announced the new color trends for spring:  over a dozen or so in all.  Yet perhaps our favorite, and one we use often here in the Southwest, is blue. But not any old blue will do.  The strong light and deep sky here almost demand we ramp up the hue. Saturated colors like … Continue reading We’re feeling blue

Barn Doors Galore (and how to use them)

It's almost ubiquitous in the shelter magazines these days.  Whether the house is in the country (where they are a natural, of course), the beach, or even in the city, seems like you are always seeing barn doors.  It's a trend that doesn't seem to be going away soon. Although some pundits say the trend … Continue reading Barn Doors Galore (and how to use them)

Spring Forth those Sunny Trends

It's almost "Pool Time", a specific Southwest season that means:  get your house looking good for the summer! (Sorry, folks in the Northeast, where it's still snowing...) This is also the time we look at some trends that are going strong in the magazines and blogs and adapt them for our special region and lifestyle.   … Continue reading Spring Forth those Sunny Trends