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According to the #1 design site HOUZZ, the leading concern of up to 47% of homeowners about their remodel is staying on budget.  That’s just one of the issues you won’t have to worry about with CV & Associates. (We were designated a Trusted PRO on HOUZZ)


That’s because we have more than 40 years’ real corporate expertise in real estate development and financing, home inspection, construction and remodeling.  This ensures qualified, “one-stop” solutions for:

  • Homeowners who are remodeling to stayimage.caspx
  • Investors upgrading their properties for higher-priced rentals
  • Sellers who need staging to sell their property for more.


INTERIOR DESIGN & REFURBISHMENT.  Our vacation property management business naturally led to interior design and enhancement, with special focus on making home more attractive, functional and appealing to both renters and buyers.

thCAQEYXSQOur home design services are all-inclusive and can range from consultation only to full execution, with a contracted construction team doing the actual build.  Our project philosophy consists of three key areas:

  • “Form follow function” is not just an empty axiom.  We design interiors that directly reflect the use of the property, whether for exclusive owner living, rental or combination.
  • Not one size fits all.    We find many designers have a certain “style” and stick to it for every project.  Our ideas are carefully and creatively developed to express your lifestyle, not ours.
  • On time and on budget.  Due to our extensive corporate project management experience, we are sticklers for delivering realistic budget and timelines, with no surprises at the reveal…unless you want one!

HOW WE WORK.  We work in project teams (our local associates) that come together to deliver the best solution for the budget.  From our detailed Proposal after a personal consultation, we execute the plan you approve.

Whether you’re a realty professional or a homeowner, we offer flexible contract and payment arrangements that maximize your budget’s effectiveness.

In addition to refurbishments, we also manage vacation listings for our clients after we’ve ensured their homes are attractively-furnished and equipped with everything for work and play.  Our listings are on the top vacation rental websites, such as VRBO, AirBnB and TripAdvisors, exposed to millions of visitors and booked repeatedly.

If an owner decides to sell the income property after we’ve improved it, we refer them to local realtor partners known for quick results.

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thCAQV2JRZ We’ve been rated a “Trusted Advisor” on the #1 design site HOUZZ. Check us out HERE