Ramp up the glamp

"Glamping" means glamorous camping, and it's hotter than ever.  Gone are the days of sleeping on hard ground and roughing it with boring campgear.  Glamping means all the comforts of home right at hand, but with a wild, romantic twist, as shown on left by Country Living. To all that we say:  why not just … Continue reading Ramp up the glamp

Small spaces with attitude

Living in a small space today is either a commitment to a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, a budget necessity, or both.  But living large in a small space is what good design is all about. Today we cover a common challenge in our discussions with clients:  how do we downsize but retain our quality of … Continue reading Small spaces with attitude

Look down South for up-trends

In the U.S. we don't typically look South -- as in South America -- for design trends, but the truth is that countries like Brazil has long held a reputation for innovative architecture and design.  After all, they created Brasilia out of the wild plains! It's time we borrowed some of their flair, so thanks … Continue reading Look down South for up-trends